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Nail Technician – Workplace

workplace (1)Setting up premises and keeping them clean:

Each workplace requires a 6 m2 floorspace for both hand and foot care. The minimum internal height is 2,5m, a toilet and a wash-basin have to be installed. It is necessary to provide a locker for employees. The floor and the wall should be gap-free up to the height of 1,5m having a surface that can be easily cleaned and sterilized (floor-tile, glazed tile, washable paint). The painted walls should be repainted every 2 or 3 years (whitewashed walls once a year).

It is required to clean up each day; to mop the floor with sterile water, to clean the toilet and wash-basin, to empty the dust-bin, to wipe down the work table. Furniture has to be wiped with  a wet rag and sterilized on a weekly basis. Windows, doors and panellings are to be cleaned and the curtains are to be washed monthly.

Dirty and clean textiles have to be kept separately. The dirty linen should be hung out, it should not be dried as it is required a laundry basket for that. Detergents have to be stored in closed place. It is necessary to place a clean towel, soap, hand-disinfectant and a nailbrush at the wash-basin in any case.

A covered dustbin should be placed at each workplace. When installing a new water receiving place, the quality of water has to be examined which is then controlled by the NPHMOS.

As for lighting, besides letting natural light come from the windows, it is required to install central (ceiling) and local (desk lamp) lighting as well.

Proper airing should be provided by windows, or by mechanical ventilation system, if necessary.

It is needed to establish internal business rules about smoking defining the appointed area to smoke (it can be on the street) and the person in charge of keeping the rule.